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Glider UA View

Glider UA View is an aerial solutions company founded by Bill Mihigo through his love for tech, Bill first flew a DJI Phantom drone in 2016 and has been hooked since, in 2021 Bill decided to pursue his FAA license to commercially fly Small Unmanned Aircrafts, and so Glider UA View came to life. Glider UA Views’ mission is to bring reality to your fingertips in a digital format, we stand on the foundation of quality and integrity and take pride in understanding your needs. Glider UA View invites you on our journey, fly with Glider as we soar through the skies of Atlanta and surrounding areas, fly with Glider as we take off into the world.

One of the first aerial photos by Bill Mihigo as a hobbyist
What We Do

Glider UA View provides aerial solutions ranging from real estate drone photography to property inspections and construction site mappings and time-lapse progressions. Glider UA View provides a unique, high-quality perspective to projects in the Dallas Texas area.

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