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Drone Services


Land Mapping & Surveying

Glider UA View provides topographic maps and 3D area models with accurate measurements, our drone images are corrected and combined by software to create precise orthomosaic maps. We help you guide infrastructure planning and construction, capture data in a fraction of the time and cost required by on-ground teams, and reduce the risk of human errors.

Photography & Videography

Glider UA View captures high-quality photos and videos, and provides professional editing. We help you capture features and hard-to-reach places, inspect faster and safer, prevent property damage and injuries, and complete the job with greater efficiency and enhanced vantage.

What Others Say…

US government laws require construction companies to survey their sites on a regular basis to ensure they’re safe for workers. This process can take from 10 hours to a few days – but with drone technology, inspections can be completed in a quick 15 minutes.

― Business Insider [1]

Drones can collect a site’s progress with a degree of accuracy previously unseen in the industry and reduce the amount of building site materials that end up in landfills. Furthermore, that sensor data can be turned into 3D models, maps, and volumetric measurements.

― Gov Design Hubs [2]

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[2] https://govdesignhub.com/2020/02/20/how-surveying-with-drones-can-save-governments-time-and-money/#.Yj_D7TUpCUk